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Our Store

The store is now open every Saturday morning, 10-12! Selling gardening essentials, seasonal items and orders at discount prices, the store is also "hub" for Cholsey HortSoc, where you can find out what's happening and maybe pick up a few gardening tips. You'll find us at Station Road allotments with access via allotment entrances, or the gate by the Pavilion/tennis courts. Cash or contactless payment accepted.

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March 2024 store updates

Via the store you can join us (free to Cholsey/local households in 2024 - just ask), find latest news etc, help yourself to spare seeds, "preloved" tools, pots, gardening books and other useful bits and bobs. 

We sell good value, good quality items to cover most of your gardening needs and aim to keep prices low for our members. Whether you have an allotment, large or small garden, or just a window box and lawn, you could save £s on your garden requirements. Current and planned stock includes:

  • Various composts, soil improvers and growing medium (2024 stock; *very* reasonable prices)

  • Canes in various lengths

  • Pest and weed controls

  • Seeds and sundries, pots, ties and much more!

  • Bagged fertilizers, e.g. Growmore, Bonemeal, Fish/Blood/Bone, Liquid Seaweed, Rose, Pelleted Poultry Manure...

  • Bark, grit, perlite, vermiculite for your soil and propagation


See here for current stock list.

[Mushroom compost update –unfortunately we have still been unable to source reasonably priced pre-bagged compost, but we do have in stock some bagged "soil improver" type compost instead.]

We are very grateful to the volunteers who kindly help out at the store for us. We would appreciate a few more people - if you think you could help out and be added to the rota to volunteer two or three times a year, alongside more experienced people to begin with, please get in touch via Thank you!

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